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My work is my hobby. I have the privilege to work and have fun at the same time. I have been an astronomer for more than 20 years and I enjoy it more and more every day. I can't stop admiring the beauty of the universe and how much fun it is to know so much about it! It is also very interesting to know how much we don't know about the universe. Yes, I know, scientists are a bit weird...

If you want to know why I am an astronomer and read about how I discovered a supernova, click here

Recently, I discovered the blue blobs! Another fun experience as an astronomer.

What are the blue blobs?

Blue blobs are lonely stars outside galaxies. There is a lot on the web about them based on the Press Conference that I gave at the American Astronomical Society Meeting in January. Click here and you will be surprised to see how many times they appear. Someone even wrote a wiki for the blue blobs and included a link to space.com and the original article where we reported the discovery.

Duília Fernandes de Mello, astronomer at Nasa's GSFC and CUA

I am also a blogger

If you can read Portuguese, I have a lot of material in my blog at the Superinteressante Magazine, Mulher das Estrelas (Stars Woman), and my fan club Kiss has posted a lot too http://clubemulherdasestrelas.net .