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Not hobbies, just fun things that I have done and could do it again!

Shark Teeth Hunting

A friend of ours, Edwin, introduced us to shark teeth hunting in 1998. Since then we have gone to a couple of expeditions to look for fossilized teeth. We had our first introduction to it in Brownie beach, close to Annapolis. I must say it is really fun and reawarding. I think we have about 200 teeth from that beach from 3-4 trips. Unfortunately, the Chesapeake Bay does not have the most pleasant water and the beach itself is below Brazilian standards, but one can't have everything at once, can one? that is what I thought before going shark teeth hunting in Venice, Florida! that is a real beach! we spent New Years in 2003-2004 there and we have a collection of 246 teeth from there. I included some pictures of that expediton and of my precious treasure in the Photo2 Page By the way, while I was going hunting for 10 million year old teeth on the sands of Venice beach, Tommy was fishing on the peer. I had given him that Christmas a fishing rod and he was all excited about the possibility of fishing a shark from the pier as we saw someone doing in our first day there. He was committed to get one of those weird looking baby hammer head sharks and one day he did it!! I wasn't there when he caught it and, by the time that I arrived with my little plastic bag full of fossilized teeth, he had already dropped it back in the water but had taken pictures to prove his story! It really made me scared of going into the water there afterwards. Well, I wasn't swimming anyway due to the low temperatures (20-25C outside the water, but cold for cariocas), but it did make me think of all the hammer head adult sharks that were swimming in those waters... those baby sharks must have mothers, rigth?

The Earth from Above

The other activity that I enjoy is to take pictures from the airplane. Tommy is a private pilot and we fly around often. After he learned how to fly, I learned that I love to see the Earth from above and do navigation. I always say "GPS is for wimps". I like to keep track of where we are on a chart (it is not a map, as an old man in Gettysburg airport once told me). I learned how to navigate on charts in Sweden where we used to live before and Tommy is from. Swedish charts are more fun than the American ones. They have better resolution and have marked all churches on it. Gosh, and that country has so many churches, I can tell you! Anyway, after I discovered my love for sightseeing from airplanes, I discovered how much fun it was to take pictures of the landscape. I have many of them by now. I have selected a few of them here (see Photo Page AZ). I think what triggered me into taking pictures from airplanes was an exhibition of Yann Arthurs-Bertran that I went once in Copenhagen. His pictures are absolutely beautiful and I even took pictures of his pictures.

What is the photo on the top of the page?

It is a photo of the Delicate Arch in Utah that I took from a cessna 182 turbo when flying in the area in 10/2004. You will find more of those pictures in Photo Trip AZ.

Cooking - but no recipe book (yet?)

I learned how to cook by staying in the kitchen with my mom when I was a kid. She was in charge of preparing 3 meals per day for 4 children and 3 adults, every day and with very little money. I don't know how she managed, but we were happy in the feeding department, that is for sure! My mom rarely followed recipes and many times improvised over recipes. Today I realized that maybe she did that because that would give her more flexibility since she would not go shopping to get the missing ingredient if there was no money. I don't know if that would happen if there were no money issues, but in any case I got that habbit from her. I usually come up with recipes of my own and most of the time I am successful. Tommy complains that I am never able to reproduce what I had just cooked and regrets that I don't write down what and how I cooked the dishes. I thought once about getting a little recorder and say it loudly while I am cooking. The best ones would one day be written in a little cooking book! I put that in the list of one of the parallel projects for the future. I have also thought about openning a restaurant, becoming a chef and so on. But not very seriously. But I do think there is a market for Brazilian cooking books since there is very little option in the bookstores in Brazil and abroad and our cusine is really rich and diverse! Maybe one day you will go the bookstore and find my cooking book there... Or maybe you want to tell me if you think this is a good idea and are interested in helping me out pursuing this project (duilia at - subject cooking book - note: if you don't write a subject I will probably delete it as spam ;-) Any advice you might have in cooking book publishing will be welcome!

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