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Aerial photos of the trip to Arizona/Utah -10/2004

All photos posted here were taken by Duilia and Tommy with a Minolta Dimage 7Hi SLR 6Mpix . Tommy has posted more pictures here !! I am still working on this page, be patient...

We took off from Phoenix (Chandler), landed in Wickenburg, Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Page, Canyonland, Holbrook, and back to Phoenix after 5 adventureous days in a Cessna 182 turbo with Tommy and Albert sharing the cockpit. October 2004 - a month to remember!

Our first stop was not really in the original plans, but due to the presidential debate next day in Phoenix we had to leave early. We decided to take off late in the afternoon and spend the night outside the non-flying zone. We chose the city of Wickenburg, an old mining town which was briefly mentioned in the Rough Guide to Southwest USA, the book that helped us a lot in our trip. We were positively surprised by the place we chose randomly from the guide book, the Best Western Rancho Grande. We called just before departing from Phoenix and arranged that we would call for a pick up at the airport once we were there. After a short flight from Chandler we arrived just before sunset. The new-owner of the BW picked us up and gave us a brief introduction of the hospitality of the place. During our checking in we were recommended a couple of restaurants and decided for Mexican food at Anita's. Food was delicious and we went for a little walk in the village which has only one traffic light. Next morning we decided to go visit one of the ghost towns and booked a taxi with the help of the BW receptionist. The ride ended up better than the mine itself. The driver and his van made us feel back in the 70s once again. We went back to town for lunch and decided to repeat the successful choice of the previous night: Anita's restaurant. We took off from Wickenburg shortly after lunch and soon realized that this trip was only to get better and better.

The Colorado River - Page AZ

Monument Valley

Monument Valley


Colorado River

Navajo mountain - Rainbow Bridge (somewhere)
Delicate Arch in Utah - My Favorite view